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-Crawls back to multi-fandom blog half-dead-

Yeah, um.

20 drafts of asks.

I am so sorry and I love you people even though I’m pretty sure like half the anons I have to answer aren’t even following me anymore.


Ignoring the fact that I need to tag shit because fuck this blog’s a chaotic disaster and has like nothing tagged, I’m going to throw ALL my old asks into drafts. Meaning anything that’s like a fucking year old? I’m gonna fucking find it, and I’m gonna fucking throw it in drafts. That way, when I do actually sign on here, I won’t have to go hunting if I want to answer anything. I know I basically have a reputation for ranting like a fucker about Uchihas and I have gotten mountains of questions because of that, and I sadly lost my motivation for this series for a very long time.

So yeah, I’m gonna search everything out and keep it in drafts. Hopefully it’ll make this a lot easier for me.

naruto ego will be flattered again plus the child of prophecy thing :/

Of course. As usual. I used to really like Naruto, but now he’s a complete gary-stu and annoys the hell out of me every time he speaks. Everything’s just getting confusing, and I literally got a headache trying to understand the last chapter with the Sage’s conversation with Naruto, but in the end I can basically dumb everything down to, “Naruto is getting a new power”. I don’t like knowing I can do that, but I can. Naruto doesn’t even work to get his power anymore, and it’s annoying. He’s just basically handed everything and treated as a holy being.

Not to say I’m not getting aggravated that this shit’s happening with Sasuke too.

He already saved him. His heartbeat flared on the last page. :/

Eh, yeah, see, I figured that’s what that shit was.  I am hoping maybe it’ll just make Gai last a bit longer, and it’s not like I WANT Gai to die. I just hate the fact that Naruto isn’t even a medical shinobi, and all of a sudden here he is meeting basically god of the in-universe world and getting healing power enough to save Gai’s life. Now suddenly he can do anything and everything and I hate it. I love Gai, but damn already, if he’s gonna be saved, let him be saved by someone who has trained in healing. It’s making Sakura look awful, who has had to study this shit for like four years now and was still having trouble healing NARUTO, and she even needed Obito’s help. Now Naruto just walks by and barely touches Gai at all and look at that, Gai’s possibly saved.


How about.


Oops that was way longer than I meant for it to be.

If someone asks me if I love Uchiha I am seriously going to think you’re joking and I really hope you are if you do ask.



Anonymous asked:

Talk about the recent chapter since it focused on obito(!) and madara since they're your're favorite characters please?

So I’m not really sure I’d want to talk about the chapter itself, because there’s not much to say… but I can talk about those two. Also yes this is late and I am sorry for my intense lack of motivation.

Let me make it clear right now that all my old facts and opinions still stand. I have not gone back on liking Madara. I know he is the evil villain with the more or less sob story, but for me, it’s how that sob story GOES that counts. Madara is clearly not the same as he used to be, until Kishimoto decides to pull one of those, “he’s the same deep down but fakes it” (and if he does Ima hit ‘im through the internet). Seeing Madara taking on the whole army is good for me. He’s getting injured and whatnot and is still standing. The fight is basically going really slow, but the fact that Madara is still standing CHAPTERS later after he revived proves how strong he really is. This is an ENTIRE ARMY OF FIVE COUNTRIES AND EVEN MORE PEOPLE THAN THAT, INCLUDING EVERY FORMER HOKAGE. Madara? He’s still doin’ pretty good.

Obito I am very happy with. I know a lot of Obito fans in the past kept pulling that “it’s over, he’s done for, he won’t change”, etc. I stuck to what I thought in the first place and I am glad I did. He’s still alive, and I am figuratively flipping off everyone who complained about him then said he’s going to die as the villain. Every single one of those people, yup. He does seem to be in quite stable condition right now even without the Jyuubi, so it’s just as possible he’ll make it through the whole war.

Granted, I am not sure what I think about him changing the way he did. I was OKAY with him changing, but NOT with Naruto talking to him. I didn’t WANT him to listen to Naruto. EVERYONE listens to Naruto, and I can say right now Naruto’s words to Obito specifically in that empty space area thing were nothing but bullshit. The fact that Obito went to heal Naruto is fine and all, and I think it’s fine if he was going to change back anyway. What I don’t like is that he listened to Naruto specifically. I was completely grateful that Kishimoto put in Minato telling Kakashi that it should’ve been him, as Obito’s friend, to have talked to him to help him. And nobody better start saying here that “WELL KAKASHI DID TRY” because I’ve gone over that and don’t feel like doing it again. Kakashi didn’t help him. He did not help him. He failed to help him. Kakashi didn’t help Obito. Obito was not helped by Kakashi. I will say it however many ways I can. In that Kamui space, Obito was not helped by Kakashi.

I do want Obito to stick to his old beliefs to a point. I want to him to see the world isn’t pretty rainbows and fluffy bunnies even if I wish for the world to be taken over by cute fluffy bunnies that make even Madara smile. I want him to take a long time coming back from what he’s been through. He hasn’t done anything yet that’s shown whether he’ll act that way or not. It’s too soon to tell what he’ll do in that case. Fact is, him and Kakashi are getting better again, so assuming he lives through this, I do want him to remain a bit closed off from people. He hasn’t had proper interaction with people since the Akatsuki all died off, and even before then. He hasn’t known trust so much as he has known loyalty like Kisame’s. Loyalty is Kisame. Trust is Kakashi. Kakashi and Minato are the only people he’s been more open around thankfully, and he hasn’t yet really opened up to anyone else. It makes sense, since they’d be the quickest to trust him again, and that is why I don’t want him and everyone to instantly be like, “OH YEAH YOU WERE GREAT FIGHTING MADARA IN THE WAR, IT’S SO NICE TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU”.

I want Madara to be saved in the end, yes, even if it’s at his last moment alive. I want Madara to stick to his way of thinking, about the world being what it is, and keep his feelings of hatred that he rightfully has. I want him to stay the same. I just want him to also become the person he used to be. I want him to basically be a more aware version of his teen self. More aware of exactly how life works. The same snarky, nice kid, just with more awareness on wars, family, and everything else he’s had issues with. When he dies, I want him to be liked as a person, but not necessarily forgiven. Understood more than anything, really. Maybe forgiven, but that doesn’t mean everyone should just ignore and forget what’s he done. They just need to understand not to ever make the same mistakes that happened in Madara’s life, because if they do, another person who is just like Madara will show up someday (and so help us if it happens before the end of the series and we end up with another huge— oh fucking hell no I am not even gonna think about it).

OKAY I WROTE TOO MUCH LONG STORY SHORT I WANT THEM TO BE THE PEOPLE THEY USED TO BE WITH MORE ADULT VIEWS AND AWARENESS ON LIFE AND I MOST DEFINITELY DON’T WANT OBITO DYING AND WHILE I’M PRETTY SURE IT’S MOST LIKELY THAT MADARA WILL DIE AS MUCH AS I DON’T LIKE THE IDEA BUT YET I DO BUT THAT’S ANOTHER ISSUE ENTIRELY I THINK MAYBE MAYBE NOT, I ALSO STILL LOVE MADARA AND I HAVEN’T GOTTEN MAD AT HIM DESPITE HIS MEAN LITTLE COMMENTARY TO OBITO MAYBE ABOUT ONCE A CHAPTER NOW. I do make little comments back like “damn u mada” and a figurative fist shake every time he says something about my precious baby but I am not actually mad because I love Madara and I am like pretty sure like 1000 percent positive it’s way too late in the series and I know way too much about him now to go back on that so yeah good day friends.

Long run-on sentences in that last paragraph.

OH YEAH AND ONE MORE THING, I really want it to be Obito and Sasuke who help Madara a bit, and maybe Obito and Sasuke can even shut the hell up and get along for once. I want Madara to at least have SOMEONE in his family who in the end was alive and gave a shit about him. It might help him to rest easier and be thankful. I mean, Madara SHOULD be dead in this timeline anyway right now, and I think that’s partly why I don’t mind him dying now as much. I just want him to have his issues put to rest so he doesn’t die having so much hate and regret. I actually get really sad when I think about Madara’s life and what he became because of it. So in the end, when/if he does die, I really just want him to die something similar to happy, or at least feeling calm. I want him to go down a fighter who never gave up, but a fighter who was satisfied with everything he did, even if he has some regret from the past (like not being able to save Izuna).


The chapter was awesome this week which is surprising lately for me to think so… and then Naruto came back with his I CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING bullshit and it just ruined everything. -3-







Why can’t he just be the nice Naruto I used to love. ;o; This is so upsetting because I really cannot stand him anymore.

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