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Let’s be honest, I was bored of the anime for all its filler but I actually laughed this week and everyone knows it’s because bby!Madara was there.

And let’s be even more honest, it’s because of this precious child that I cannot and will not ever, ever, ever, ever hate Madara.

How many of you remember that Madara meta I wrote ages ago that was seven parts long.


I might bring that back just since it’s come out in the anime.

pikacheeka said: I like text posts tbh.

I usually do too when I’m writing them, just… my blog went from getting a shit ton of asks and huge replies, along with image reblogging to… this. It’s mostly my motivation for the series having gone downhill, and every time I do finally think, “I wanna write for Naruto!” something just ruins that feeling and mood, whatever it may be. So really I just tend to hop on to be like wtf happened this week for the new chapters. I haven’t watched the anime in ages but I’ve kept track of it where it’s at through gifs on my multi-fandom dash. I basically just… haven’t watched it in almost literally a year straight now and I just skipped everything and went right to this week’s episode. XD;

Well there’s another text post for you. XD;

Sometimes I really want to write about why KakaObi’s been my OTP for like seven or eight years but at the same time I don’t feel like writing why because it’s complicated, long and detailed because they are complicated, long and detailed.

I realize now I basically purged silly!Tobi from my brain. Somehow I think it was all just a nightmare. And by nightmare I don’t mean Infinite Tsukuyomi. Too soon.

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