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This chapter was literally about people dying and about the past, as well as (what I hope to be) the end of the war, and half the fandom literally desperately tries anything to force their Team 7 ship wars into it.

Lol I remember why I left to begin with.

Hello KakaObi fan in inbox; I will get back to you this weekend. I have plans to write a bit of shit on this blog this weekend so I’ll actually be on it (and KakaObi is my biggest OTP ever matching only one other, so there you have it. I still have a meta in drafts l o l).

Point of this post? I’m gonna go through the ancient asks to answer stuff. THEY’RE STILL VALID WITH HOW MY THOUGHTS ARE RUNNING.

Also I better get Madara and Hashirama closure I swear to fucking god it’s not ending like this nah NAH.

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