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Let’s be honest, I was bored of the anime for all its filler but I actually laughed this week and everyone knows it’s because bby!Madara was there.

And let’s be even more honest, it’s because of this precious child that I cannot and will not ever, ever, ever, ever hate Madara.

How many of you remember that Madara meta I wrote ages ago that was seven parts long.


I might bring that back just since it’s come out in the anime.

pikacheeka said: I like text posts tbh.

I usually do too when I’m writing them, just… my blog went from getting a shit ton of asks and huge replies, along with image reblogging to… this. It’s mostly my motivation for the series having gone downhill, and every time I do finally think, “I wanna write for Naruto!” something just ruins that feeling and mood, whatever it may be. So really I just tend to hop on to be like wtf happened this week for the new chapters. I haven’t watched the anime in ages but I’ve kept track of it where it’s at through gifs on my multi-fandom dash. I basically just… haven’t watched it in almost literally a year straight now and I just skipped everything and went right to this week’s episode. XD;

Well there’s another text post for you. XD;

Sometimes I really want to write about why KakaObi’s been my OTP for like seven or eight years but at the same time I don’t feel like writing why because it’s complicated, long and detailed because they are complicated, long and detailed.

I realize now I basically purged silly!Tobi from my brain. Somehow I think it was all just a nightmare. And by nightmare I don’t mean Infinite Tsukuyomi. Too soon.

I am sorry my blog is literally a bunch of text posts atm. I’m hoping to clean this blog out and tag shit, answer those drafts, and do whatever I’m gonna do about activity. I’m sorry to everyone who followed me and my blog ended up half dead when they did (I’m surprise I still have this many followers, like holy fuck).

On days I don’t have work, I’ll try to slowly clean this thing out. Part of my lack of activity is most definitely the fact that this blog is so unorganized compared to all of my other ones.

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